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This is our legacy. 

Our Timeline of 2021/20122.

September 27th 2021

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Image by Quinton Coetzee

November 24th 2021

Social joint event - Beer Pong Tournament in collaboration with Ignite and Healthcare club

March 8th 2022

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"What Makes Your Startup Special?"

Event in collaboration with Adina Krausz, Founder and CEO of InnoSource by Toledo Capital AG, accompanied by Head of Business Development, Arthur Dani.

Topics such as the Venture Capital, the startup world, the funding  of startup and strategic solutions for startups have been covered. 


May 18th 2022


ConnectINg St.Gallen Summit 2022

Finance - Geopolitics - Energy Corporates - Startups - Conferences - Workshops - Apero

(See below for the entire program)


 The ConnectINg Summit 2022

The ConnectINg Summit 2022: "Energy Transition"


09:15H - 12:00H 

  • Energy Transition Conference with Nadja Germann from VSE.

  • Nuclear Energy: Past or Future? Debate between Prof. Wüstenhagen and Prof. Hettich from HSG. 

14:00H - 17:30H


  • Workshop about Entrepreneurship and Energy with Vanessa Allenspach from TalentKick

  • Geopolitical Impact of Energy Market with Prof. Dr. Schmid from HSG.

  • Apero and Catering

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