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Our Timeline of 2020/2021.

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October 1st 2020

November 19th 2020


Online Panel discussion with the aim to create an informative and constructive discussion on the Suisse Coalition Corporate Justice Initiative!


  • Andreas Missbach (Public Eye)

  • Dalia Palombo (Institute for Business & Ethics - HSG)

  • Constantine O. Bartel (CCRS - UZH)

December 3rd 2020



Webinar on the topic of Circular Economy in Switzerland. What is the circular economy? Why do we need it? Are there any applicable business models?


  • Fabian Takacs (Research Associate HSG)

  • Marco Sutter (Circular Hub)

  • Ilaria Seminatore (ECOS)

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March 16th 2021


The first event ever organized within the ConnectINg International Network!

Student debate in Oxford Style on the role of nuclear energy in the energetic transition.


Participant in the Debate were student from: 

  • EVK College for Advanced Studies

  • ConnectINg St. Gallen


 The ConnectINg Summit 2021

The ConnectINg Summit 2021.

"Sustainability and Capitalism, The World Post Pandemic"

Panel discussions with exceptional Guests followed by a networking session. 

April 27th, 04:00 - 06:00 PM 

Limitations of the current economic system, what possible solutions?

  • Guest Speakers:

     Robert Hamwey, UNCTAD​

     Helena Diffo, Symbiotics

     Stefan Legge, HSG

  • Moderator: Priscilla Schelp

April 28th, 04:00 - 06:00 PM 

In the Corona crisis is sustainability still a priority for businesses?

  • Guest Speakers:

     Natalie Kenway, Last Word Media Ltd.​

     Stephan Hirschi, PwC

     Bertrand Gacon, Impaakt

     Florian Krause, HSG​

  • Moderator: Tanya König


April 27th 2021

April 28th 2021