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The events of the fall semester 2020.

Online Panel discussion with the aim to create an informative

and constructive discussion on the Suisse Coalition Corporate

Justice Initiative!


  • Andreas Missbach (Public Eye)

  • Dalia Palombo (Institute for Business & Ethics - HSG)

  • Constantine O. Bartel (CCRS - UZH)

Moderator: Rhea Ros Braunwalder​

- Nov. 19th 2020


Webinar on the topic of Circular Economy in Switzerland. What is the circular economy?

Why do we need it? Are there any applicable business models?


  • Fabian Takacs (Research Associate HSG)

  • Marco Sutter (Circular Hub)

  • Ilaria Seminatore (ECOS)

 Spring 2019 - The first ConnectINg Summit


 The ConnectINg's Summit promoted the discussion on the issues:

  • How can countries contribute to the opening of markets?

  • Global trade in 2019 and the trade war in Trump - Back to National Economies?

  • How can a manager consider changing macroeconomic trends?


Public statement expressed by the participants, a summary of what was discussed at the Summit:


"As students in Business, Economics and Political Science of the University of St. Gallen, we think that it is of the utmost importance to close existing communication gaps between the different actors (firms, academics, politics as well as people most affected by the ongoing opening of markets). 

We thus encourage firms to take the macroeconomic environment into account when making decisions and macro-economists to consider firms’ decision-making processes and their consequences on individuals when making policy decisions."

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