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ConnectINg brings together students from the best Universities of Business and Economics to share their perspectives, with the aim of constructively discussing the different possibilities

that arise to reach integrated,

free and socially responsible markets.

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HSG based club.

over 100 members.

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The ConnectINg Summit 2021

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With your registration on this website, you will help us to grow the club's funds.

The more registrations we receive, the more we receive in contribution.

As a member of ConnectINg you can benefit from this yourself! You register on the CONCORDIAplus-Vereinsplatform and receive a voucher of 20 CHF from a well-known company. A CONCORDIA agency will contact you to present you with helpful tips and optimal insurance solutions.

The good thing about it: there is no obligation, it is voluntary.

However, if an insurance contract is concluded between you and CONCORDIA, our funds will grow even more. Join in and help us to grow our funds. It is all voluntary and you will be rewarded for it!

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